I am a Brazilian commercial photographer. I specialise in architectural and interior photography, corporate portraits, advertising photography, food photography, nude, and landscape, and I also photograph the occasional wedding.
I have over 20 years of experience working as a commercial photographer. I enjoy what I do and hopefully, this shows in the images on this site. It's a real privilege to get to visit the many different businesses and workplaces that most people don’t get to see and be a part of. But as yet I still haven’t come across an industry that is better for me than photography. Being a commercial photographer is for me almost not a job because I enjoy it so much.
Commercial photography is essentially all about creating captivating and engaging photographic images for businesses. Images that help them with their marketing goals. I love helping my clients reach more potential customers, grabbing and most importantly retaining the attention of these customers. I always aim to create images that enforce their brand values while making their product, service, or themselves, look as good as they possibly can.
Born in Brazil and based in Auckland, New Zealand. Juliano Baby Amorim is an award-winning photographer with extensive commercial experience.
With a focus on real estate, fashion, jewellery, products and food, Juliano’s clients include:
Playboy Magazine (Brazil), Mitre 10, Nz Sotheby's International Realty, AJ Hackett, The Chop Shop Food Merchants, Collective Consulting, Select Fashion, National Geographic, Getty Images, A Folha, Editora Abril, Editora Globo, Print Central Ltd, Nikon NZ, Nikon United Arab Emirates.
Juliano combines his passion for image-making with high-level technical know-how to create striking images that strengthen brand positioning.
Juliano is able to work to tight deadlines and deliver premium-quality images.
Retouching services are also available.
if you’d like to talk about working together, please get in touch.
"Create an image be it beautiful or strong impact and a challenge of collapses between cultures, concepts, emotions, and technique. My role in this process is to filter all this in a fraction of a second and record that unique moment. “                                                                                                                                                                             
  by Juliano Baby
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